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Summer outfits

It's this time of the year again when you need a well-deserved break from all the hustle. Whether it's gathering your girl friends for a short getaway or hitting the beach, we'll get you looking stylish and ready for the summer heat with our top picks.


1. Flowy Maxi Dresses

Drop-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Light and flowy maxi dresses are perfect to showcase femininity in the summer. Opt for dresses with detailed ruffles or floral prints to enhance the effect. Pro-tip: They also help create very picture-worthy portraits when taken against natural sceneries.

Floral Ruffled Maxi Dress

Pictured: Drop-Shoulder Maxi Dress in Mint (top) , Floral Ruffled Maxi Dress in Black (bottom)

2. Rompers

Kimono Wrap Top

What's not to like about rompers? They're cute, versatile and easy to coordinate. On top of the playful vibe that rompers generally give off, full white rompers add another layer of freshness with its clean and minimalistic look. Mix and match your 2-piece rompers when you want to create different styles for a change.

Ruffled Sleeves Blouse
Pictured: Kimono Wrap top in White (top), Ruffled Sleeves Blouse in White (bottom), Kimono Flutter Shorts in White (top and bottom)

3. Beach Outerwear

Crepe Hooded Shirtdress

We obviously can't miss out the lounging by the beach on a summer vacation. Drape a thin scarf or outerwear over your shoulders to shield yourself from the scorching sun and sea breeze. 

Crepe Hooded Shirtdress Pictured: Crepe Hooded Shirtdress in Ivory

4. Flouncy Dresses

Summer's the time to throw on all your short dresses and sleeveless crop tops. Like rompers, short flouncy dresses makes one look cute and lovable. They are also super comfy and cooling with their loose fit. A must-have if you're looking to devour all the yummy food in your trip!

Babydoll Dress
Pictured: Babydoll Dress in Beige

5. Linen Tops

Crepe Ruffled Blouse

Linen is the most recognised fabric to be used in summer clothing. Apart from their cooling properties, its beautiful weave makes even the most basic of clothing a tad more interesting.

Linen Shirt
Pictured: Crepe Ruffled Blouse in Ivory (top), Linen Shirt in Rose (bottom)

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